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How are y'all doing?

We are the Su-paw Star Enterprise, a space-borne peace-keeping armada, invented to protect the Universe.

We send dogs, puppies, otters, you name it, into space to bring balance back to the universe.

That's right, we make games you'll go mutts over!


Who We Are

Our Story

We started off looking for funding on Kickstarter in Oct 2021 where we met and exceeded our expectations, After initially seeking to raise $10K through Kickstarter, the Space Puppies campaign raised $close to $20k in 30 days from across the globe. Why were we successful? Because we think Space Puppies brings together everything a player wants in a tabletop game: purpose, strategy, and humour! 

We are a team of 4 working tirelessly to bring you the best games day in and day out! Started by ex ad exec, Tulika Sahai, designed and brought to life by exceptional ad men and women: Guilet Libby, Jenn PerNg, and Vanessa Tan, Space Puppies and its collection of games that recreate family time into an interactive and personal experience. 

A mischievous collection of games featuring the adventures of the Space Puppies, who serve in the space-borne peace-keeping armada of the Su-paw Star Enterprise.

They are tasked to bring planets back to their orbit or fight off aliens, time and time again to restore peace and balance in the universe.

Contact Us

You want to share any paw-ssionate thoughts about the games or have questions that need answering, give us a howl! 

send us an email below or fill in the form. 

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